Thursday, December 20, 2012

Resurrecting the Republican Climate blog

Hi. Now that the election is over, I plan to gradually resurrect this blog. It will deal with long-term issues in which the Republican Party, despite its loss in the recent elections, continues to obstruct.

Quietly, the Republicans are giving in on some ground. For example, last September, the nonpartisan Congressional Research Office issued a report that found no correlation between the state of the national economy and taxes on the rich. Because this conclusion, based on data, contradicted a key Republican talking point, the Republican leadership of the House squelched the report. Last week, House Democrats posted the report, which Republicans have now stopped trying to suppress.

At this writing, the Republicans continue to head us toward the "fiscal cliff" by insisting that rich people pay almost no additional taxes, and they continue to insist on ideologically-based budget cuts rather than cuts that will actually solve any problems.

And probably most of you heard about how Senator McConnell filibustered his own bill in the Senate, during the fiscal cliff discussions. Apparently, the fiscal cliff does not matter to the leadership of the Republican Party. They are just playing games.